Duties & Powers

The duties and powers of the Council are as follows:

(a)    giving advice to government departments and organizations on matters concerning Accountancy, if such advice is sought;

(b)    conducting Diploma in Accountancy and Certified Public Accountant training courses;

(c)    arranging for practical training pertaining to Accountancy, prescribing the period of apprentice service and recognizing the practising accountants who can provide practical training;

(d)    scrutinizing and recognizing certificates and degrees in Accountancy from foreign countries, and stipulating requirements for citizens who hold such certificates or degrees to be registered;

(e)    appointing a suitable person as the Registrar and prescribing his duties and responsibilities;

(f)    communicating and cooperating with international accounting institutions with a view to promoting development of Accountancy:

(g)    prescribing and/or altering the list of government departments and organizations, which can provide practical training in Accountancy, and delegating such powers to the Apprenticeship and Training Supervisory Committee;

(h)    reviewing as may be necessary whether the training provided at the Accountancy courses conducted under this Law is up to specified standards;

(i)    forming necessary committees and boards and prescribing the duties thereof;

(j)    scrutinizing and allowing the establishment of professional institutions for development of Accountancy profession and providing guidance and supervision thereon;

(k)    taking action against the Practising Accountants who are negligent of their duties or who violate their code of professional ethics;

(l)    carrying out measures for the successful fulfilment of the objectives of this Law;   

(m)    scrutinizing and issuing registration card of Certified Public Accountants and Practising Accountants;

(n)    providing guidance and supervision to the Myanmar Institute of Certified Public Accountants;