On November 16, 2011, ten SAIs gathered in Bali, Indonesia, and confirmed  Agreement on the Establishment of ASEANSAI. The ASEANSAI is founded in line with the objective of the establishment of the ASEAN community in 2015 and is a professional organization which is autonomous, independent and non-political. The ASEANSAI initiative comprises of the Supreme Audit Institutions of ten ASEAN Member States as Member of ASEANSAI and Myanmar SAI is also one of the member SAIs.


 The objectives of the ASEANSAI are as follows:

  • To build capacity and promote cooperation and understanding among the Members of ASEANSAI through the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiences in the field of public sector auditing so as to strengthen the audit institutions.
  • To provide a conducive environment and facilities to promote research, training and continuous education among the Member of the ASEANSAI through the sharing of best practices and exchange of lessons learned.
  • To serve as a centre of information and as an ASEAN link with other international organizations and institutions in the field of public sector auditing.

Organization Structure

  • ASEANSAI comprises of the Assembly, the Executive Committee, the Committees and the Secretariat. The Assembly comprises of all members of ASEANSAI and the Executive Committee comprises of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of ASEANSAI. The four committees of ASEANSAI are Strategic Planning Committee, Rules and Procedures Committee, Training Committee, and Knowledge Sharing Committee. The Secretariat provides administrative support to the Executive Committee.


The functions of the ASEANSAI include the following:

  • To create and maintain a data bank of best practices, standards and methodologies in the field of public sector auditing.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, studies, or other activities related to the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of public sector auditing.
  • To undertake other activities that will promote good governance and cooperation among members of the ASEANSAI.


The benefits obtained as a member of the ASEANSAI are as follows:

  • Able to promote understanding and cooperation among the Supreme Audit Institutions of ASEAN Member States in the field of public sector auditing in order to safeguard a stable and prosperous ASEAN Community.
  • Able to result in the enhancement of public accountability and transparency with the stability and prosperity in ASEAN community where there is good governance system and closer cooperation among the member countries.