About CPA

1. The Myanmar Accountancy Council opened the Certified Public Accountant Training Course on 9-10-1972 in accordance with the provisions of the Myanmar Accountancy Council Law and by-law (1972). The training period is 2 years.

2.  The following persons are eligible to attend the Certified Public Accountant Training Course (Part I) directly-

-B.Com/ B.Act/ B.B.A/ B.BSc (Accounting and Finance) degree holders;

- the person who passed DA Part II;

-  any graduate who complete ACCA Fundamental Skills Level;

- any graduate who hold the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

3. Citizens with a recognized degree who are not directly eligible to attend must enter the entrance exam.

4.  The training can be attended at the Myanmar Accountancy Council Training School or the private accounting school accredited by the council and  self study is also allowed.