About OAG


Motto for personnel of the Audit Office

Keep your good communication
Live with good behaviors
Try the best
Abide by the discipline
Keep the dutiful manner.


The disciplinary principle for personnel of the Audit Office

Aim at improving high quality audit efficiency through enhancing continuous improvement of professional competence and observing the prescribed code of ethics & discipline.


Code of ethics for personnel of the Audit Office


(a)   Not to act any behavior that would discredit the glory of the office.
(b)   Not to abuse the entrusted power for self- interest.
(c)   Not to take bribes.
(d)   Not to disclose the confidential information.
(e)   Not to involve in the management functions of audited entities.


(a)    To make effort for the enhancement of the quality of audit efficiency.
(b)    To exercise due professional care and professional competence.
(c)    To communicate smoothly with the entities and related parties.
(d)    To be honest and free from four types of bias in audit operation.
(e)    To abide by the Myanmar Official Secrets Act.
(f)    To submit audit findings in a formal way.
(g)    To report all the audit findings with no exception.
(h)    To comply with Myanmar Standards on Auditing.