Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI) is one of the Regional Groups of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). In September 1978 and May 1979, the Charter for ASOSAI and the Rules and Regulations of ASOSAI were promulgated respectively and ASOSAI was firstly established in 1979 with 11 members. The Membership of the ASOSAI consists of Charter Members, Members and Associate Members. Now, the membership has grown to 46 SAIs.

Objectives and Functions

The objectives of ASOSAI are:

  • To promote understanding and cooperation among member institutions through exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of public audit.
  • To provide facilities for training and continuing education for government auditors, with a view to improving quality and performance.
  • To serve as a center of information and as a regional link with institutions in other parts of the world in the field of public audit.
  • To promote closer collaboration and brotherhood among auditors in the service of the governments of the respective member institutions and among regional groups.

The functions of ASOSAI are:

  • Encouraging and promoting research and undertaking publication of research papers and professional articles in auditing and related fields;
  • Organizing conferences and seminars for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of public audit;
  • Performing such other functions as may be necessary in keeping with its objectives.

Benefits of relationship with ASOSAI

Myanmar SAI becomes a member of ASOSAI, one of the seven Regional Organizations of INTOSAI in 1996.

As a member of ASOSAI, the Office of the Auditor General of the Union gains the following benefits:

  • ability to gain advanced auditing and accounting techniques, knowledge which are changing and improving from time to time;
  • ability to do effective and efficient applications with respect to government auditing techniques and methods;
  • ability to upgrade professional accounting and auditing skills;
  • ability to gain accounting and auditing knowledge and experiences from member countries;
  • ability to get chances to participate in training programs, seminars, workshops and webinars sponsored and held by ASOSAI within Asia Regional Group;
  • ability to upgrade skills and abilities of audit staff by applying above opportunities and keep abreast of the world;
  • ability to participate in ASOSAI WGEA Cooperative Audit and IDI-ASOSAI TAI Audit.